Els To Travel Less

October 19, 2010

Els plays cricket before the start of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda.

SOUTHAMPTON, Bermuda (AP) -- Ernie Els

will concentrate on playing the PGA Tour next year.

Els, in Bermuda for Tuesday's start of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, says he feels he can still win another major.

"I feel really fresh," said Els. "I feel like I can still achieve things in this game, and I want to achieve things in this game.

"You're going to really see a lot different schedule next year. I'm going to play a lot more in the States. I'll still do the odd trip over to Europe and so on, but it's not going to be what I used to be doing."

A settled family life, and the desire to be well-prepared for the tournaments he does play helped him make the decision.

"Just feel I got such a wonderful family life now. It's really comfortable. I can practice at home right through the year now. It feels very, very comfortable, so I'm going to have a lot more time to be on my game and be fresh."