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The Style Blog: Get Carried Away!

November 01, 2011

"That's just not my bag baby." Oh how I wish I could echo the sentiment Mr. Powers. But alas in my world, I say, "yes please" to every bag--the bigger the better. Although I'd never carry the kitchen sink in it--I always like my totes big enough just in case I do decide to stick some kitchen appliance in it! I like them roomy enough to fit my golf shoes, a make-up case, a sleeve of pink golf balls and of course my keys...

Here are some suggestions:


Keri Golf Checked Tote, $110, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9255add713143b431d64]|||gdw_fashion|||

Puma Fitness Workout Bag, $45, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9255b01eefe207f76718]|||gdw_fashion|||

Stella McCartney for Adidas Fun Bag, $40, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9255b01eefe207f7671c]|||gdw_fashion|||

Nike Golf Brassie Day Duffel, $70, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9255add713143b431d67]|||gdw_fashion|||

Merona Square Print Tote, $35, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9255add713143b431d72]|||gdw_fashion|||

Athleta Scrunchie Tote by Timbuk2, $80, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9255add713143b431d7a]|||gdw_fashion|||

Dooney & Bourke Medium Pocket Sac, $175, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9255add713143b431d75]|||gdw_fashion|||

Ame & Lulu Satchel, $88, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9255add713143b431d77]|||gdw_fashion|||

Patricia Han PT Medium Tote, $75, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9255b01eefe207f76725]|||gdw_fashion|||

Tory Burch Ski Vintage Medium Jaden Tote, $350, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad9256b01eefe207f76730]|||gdw_fashion|||

Under Armour Endure Shoulder Bag, $49.99, Visit website

--Argy Koutsothanasis