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Golf Digest Podcast: Tiger appears, the Masters approaches, and more listener call-ins!

March 21, 2017

For the first time since the first week of February in Dubai, we saw Tiger Woods hit a golf shot. Fine, it was just a putt against Michael Strahan on Good Morning America, but it was still good to see Tiger with a club in his hands. Tiger went on to Barnes & Noble to sign 300 copies of his new book, and our Alex Myers spoke with a bunch of excited fans, some of whom traveled through the night to meet the 14-time major champ.

You’ll find some audio from the event in this podcast, followed by Sam Weinman and Keely Levins answering listener questions on how to engage millennials in golf, how long Dustin Johnson will hold onto his world No. 1 ranking, and how to get the slow guy in your group to speed up.

Among the highlights of the podcast:

2:54: Four Tiger fans talk about how they randomly met at the event the night before, ordered pizza to the entrance of Barnes & Noble, and slept on the street.

4:00: Is Tiger going to play the Masters?

6:45: Caller Dan Hill asks what golf needs to do to be attractive to millenials.

11:27:Does Dustin Johnson have the ability to stay at number one for a long time?

15:05: We all know that guy – the slowest guy in your group. Some tips on how to get him to speed up without ruining your golfing friendship.

Listen to it all here: