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Golf Digest Podcast: The post-U.S. Open, did-all-that-really-happen-Sunday? edition


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OAKMONT, Pa. — Too bad there was so little to talk about after the final round of the 116th U.S. Open, huh?!?

OK, I guess there were some topics to explore. There was that rules thing the USGA got itself into mid-way through Sunday at Oakmont Country Club. And then there were a handful of long-suffering golfers looking for their first major. And a Pennsylvania native shooting a closing 66 to try and steal a victory . And the World No. 1 tried as hard as he could to make the biggest comeback in major championship history.

Oh, and then there was Dustin Johnson once again grabbing hold of a major championship and this time, finally, not finding a way to drop it on the way to the clubhouse.

Suffice it to say, my colleagues Joel Beall and Geoff Shackelford and I gathered a couple hours after play wrapped up to try and explore all these topics and more in a special post-U.S. Open edition of the Golf Digest Podcast.