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Golf Digest Podcast: Terry Jastrow on his new book and his remarkable career in golf television

August 01, 2017

When you sit down to watch golf this weekend, consider some of the features you probably have taken for granted. Hand-held cameras following players at eye level. A walking course reporter sharing club selection and offering insight into the action. To a great extent, they both can be traced to Terry Jastrow, the longtime producer of ABC's golf telecasts who oversaw the broadcast of 60 major championships with the network.


Jastrow's remarkable career has also seen him branch into acting, playwriting, and directing (including the 2015 golf film, "The Squeeze) and now includes a new book, "The Trial Of Prisoner 043," that takes on the fairly weighty topic of former President George W. Bush's role in pushing the U.S. into war in Iraq. Fittingly, the book has a small but important golf presence.

On this week's Golf Digest Podcast, Jastrow discusses his idea for the new book, revisits his busy career in television, and talks about who he enjoys watching among golf broadcasters today.