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Golf Digest Podcast: Michael Phelps on being the GOAT, his big golf wager, and making the longest televised putt ever

July 27, 2017

Bryan Bedder

It's been said that Michael Phelps was born with the perfect swimmer's body. A large wingspan and a long torso provide him extra reach, and giant feet act like flippers as he churns through the water. But spend a few minutes next to him on the driving range and it quickly becomes apparent that he's also built for speed with a golf club.

Phelps can absolutely annihilate a golf ball -- now it's just about figuring everything else out for the quickly improving 12-handicap. But after retiring from swimming following the 2016 Olympics, Phelps, a golf nut who recently turned 32, has plenty of time to work on his game and extra motivation thanks to a bet with a friend that he can get that handicap down to a 5 in a year. It seems like a daunting task, but would you put anything by a man who made our collective jaw drop countless times on his way to winning an Olympic-record 23 gold medals? Didn't think so.

While appearing at a recent event for Krave Jerky at Chelsea Piers in NYC, Phelps sat down with us to talk about his legendary career, making the longest televised putt ever, and his famous "Phelps face" that went viral in Rio. Here's a breakdown of our discussion:

1:15 . . . Phelps' secret hiding place for his Olympic medals

2:10 . . . On what it's like to be the "GOAT"

5:15 . . . On making the longest televised putt ever

8:00 . . . His on-course diet

9:00 . . . Golf in the Olympics and hanging with Rickie Fowler

10:45 . . . "Phelps face" and whether he brings that to the golf course

14:00 . . . Does he have one more swimming comeback in him?

Please have a listen: