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Golf Digest Podcast: Chubby Chandler on why his players never switch equipment companies

August 17, 2016

Andrew "Chubby" Chandler is one of the most colorful figures in golf, but also one of the most important ones. A former European Tour player, he eventually hung up his clubs in favor of managing the careers of some of his more talented friends, and it has led to a stable of clients that includes Lee Westwood, Darren Clarke, Danny Willett, and Matthew Fitzpatrick.

In 2011, Chandler's clients won the first three majors of the season (Rory McIlroy is not with Chandler now, but was then), leading to discussion of a potential "Chubby Slam" of all four majors. It didn't happen, but Chandler's influence on the game is still immense. He had nine players in the men's golf competition in Rio, allowing him a unique window into Olympic golf (He makes no direct money from it, but is still a big fan).

For this week's Golf Digest Podcast, Chandler stopped by our offices at 1 World Trade Center to talk about the events in Rio, why his players never switch equipment companies, and the future of the European Tour.