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Golf Digest Podcast: Brandel Chamblee on American leadership, quarreling with David Duval, and why nice guys can't win in the Ryder Cup

October 05, 2016

Brandel Chamblee has carved out a career speaking harsh truths about the highest levels of golf, and certainly one of those topics for several years was American futility in the Ryder Cup.

In the days before this year's matches at Hazeltine, Chamblee and Golf Channel colleague David Duval engaged in a heated debate about the failures of U.S. leadership in the biennial event. The spat went viral, and though the two analysts have since patched things up, Chamblee remains adamant about his larger point: that the U.S.' fortunes have hinged on the tone set by the likes of Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.

After the Americans' resounding recapturing of the cup at Hazeltine, Chamblee joined Golf Digest's Alex Myers to talk about where he and Duval differed, and why he stands by his point.

"We are now sitting here talking about the leadership of this team and how that made a difference," Chamblee said. "Well if we're now on the back side talking about how the leadership made the difference, then if they lose, my point was, the leadership makes a difference."

Listen to the complete podcast above.

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