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Golf Digest Editors' Choice: Best Pushcarts of 2019

May 07, 2019

If you struggle with the nob turning and the lever pulling when opening and closing a pushcart, the latest option from Bag Boy is for you. The Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart, the winner of Golf Digest' Editors' Choice award in our 3-Wheel category, has what the company calls its Piston Technology. Powered by nitrogen, the pushcart opens automatically when you hit a button. We’ve never seen a pushcart like it. It has futuristic technology, but it gets the basic things right, too. The brackets and bungee cords allow for different size bags, and there’s space to store your water bottle and other gear. This pushcart will be available at the end of April, and there will be eight color options.

Bag Boy-Nitron-Right-BlackRed.jpg

Bag Boy Nitron Auto-Open, $230

Sun Mountain has been making pushcarts for 20 years, and it shows in the execution of its lines. The Pathfinder 4, our Editors Choice in 4-Wheel Pushcarts, was designed to make it easier to get your clubs in and out of the bag by making a steeper angle for the bag as it sits in the pushcart. With your bag sitting more upright, you can pull clubs out and put them back in without having to jam them around. When folded up, this cart measures 26x16x14 inches, making it easy to pack in your trunk. Weighing 17 pounds, it’s also light enough for anyone to lift. With bungee cords and an adjustable bracket, the Pathfinder 4 fits basically any size bag you have. The pushcart comes with a rangefinder holder, and you have the option to buy accessories—everything from cooler bags to umbrella holders.


Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4, $210

Compact: If storing your pushcart is an issue, look no further than Big Max’s Blade IP. Pushcarts usually fold down to a large cubic shape, but the Blade IP folds down to a flat height of five inches. It can fit behind the driver’s seat, in the trunk, and pretty much wherever else you might want to store it. And it weighs less than 15 pounds, making it easy to transport. The frame is minimalist, but it has storage space and the ability to add an umbrella holder. The adjustable straps allow you to put any size bag in the pushcart.


Big Max Blade IP, $330