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Golf Digest Ambush Strikes Again

October 26, 2009

In the latest installment of the Golf Digest Ambush (No. 17), I met up with Hugh Ahlering, 77, and Bob Titzer, 76, who have been brothers-in-law, friends and golf rivals for more than 50 years.

Here's a link to the history of the Ambush, prepared and hosted by the Bratton Brothers Invitational--Ambush No. 13.

I'll be ambushing again in the next week or so. The annual Kosberg Open is on my radar--12 guys getting together for 25 years. This year they're headed to Barton Creek in Austin, Tex.

The Bermuda Tour is off to Arizona this year. You can see their website at

Rachel Peterson of Santa Cruz, Calif. wrote in on behalf of her husband's group:

I'm writing on behalf of my husband and his buddies: collectively, and once per year, they are known as the "Sausage Festers." Yep, you got it. Sausage Fest is comprised of eight guys: Bob, Paul, Brian, Markham, Jeff, Erich, Andrew, and Jason. This November marks the 10th year anniversary of Sausage Fest. That's right--10 straight years that these guys have been taking this trip.

It always starts in Las Vegas. They guys all fly in, rent an RV, and then hit the road. First, they travel to Palm Springs and play one round. Next, they drive to Phoenix and play two rounds of golf. After Phoenix, they head back to Vegas where they play another two rounds of golf. That makes five rounds of golf at five top rated courses over five days! If you've been counting, that also make five days of eight guys sleeping and gambling in the same stinky RV. Nasty! As I mentioned, this year marks the 10th anniversary, so the guys decided to mix it up a bit. This year, the trip still starts in Vegas.

Instead of Palm Springs, they're going to Mesquite, NV, where they will play Oasis Golf Course.  After Mesquite, they're going to St. George, UT, where they will play The Ledges Golf Course.  After St. George, they're headed to Sedona, AZ, where they will play Sedona Golf Resort. After Sedona, they're headed back to Vegas where they will play Desert Pines and then Coyote Springs (Las Vegas).

So, you ask why this trip is unique? As you can see, this is an awesome golf trip. However, from the point of view of one of the wives, what makes this trip so unique is the camaraderie and the loyalty that goes into this trip. Once a year, the guys make it a priority to take time away from their Silicon Valley job and the stresses of daily life to enjoy a guys' trip doing what they love most--golfing. You'd think that this trip would get old by now. It's actually just the opposite. Each year, they are so excited--it's like they've never been on the trip before! So, in summary, this is a great trip with great guys, and they deserve to be surprise ambushed for the 10th Anniversary of Sausage Fest!

From a reporter's point of view, it sounds like Mr. Peterson has a supportive and understanding wife. Which is what my friends and I refer to as, "One of the good ones." We also say those are few and far between.

Do you take an annual buddies trip, or do you know of one worth sharing with Golf Digest readers? If so, let me know about it. Click here and send in your entry and itinerary. I'm ambushing a buddies trip once a month.

--Matty G.