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Golf course superintendents, avert your eyes: Alexander Ovechkin is on the tee

October 07, 2016

The Washington Capitals' Alexander Ovechkin is one of the best hockey players of his generation, with 525 goals and counting to his name. To see Ovechkin rip a one-time from the top of the circle, as he has done countless times in his career, one might wonder what sort of damage he might do with a driver in his hand.

Turns out the answer is quite a bit. But we're not necessarily sure that's a compliment. recently posted a video of the Russian superstar teeing off on the golf course recently, and the footage is potentially scarring for greenkeepers everywhere. Ovechkin whiffs on his first swing, then hits a good three feet behind the ball, sending a divot flying forward instead.

The third swing turns out to be the charm. But for the sake of everyone involved, the clip ends there.

Hockey season begins next weekend. We take comfort knowing the Great 8 will have plenty to keep him busy.