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Two golf club salesmen make the most oddly entertaining rap video of year

March 13, 2015

If you didn't know the Ping G30 driver has turbulators, you definitely won't forget after watching this.

Two salesmen ("R-Rabbit" & "Q-Tip") from Bobick's Golf in Fort Wayne, Indiana, created a music video for the popular golf club -- and they crushed it. Check it out:

A catchy beat and funny lyrics, um, drive "Turbulators," but what puts it over the top are a couple of classic rap video antics with a twist. At the end, you've got the two guys making it rain, only with tees. And throughout, there's the one guy (either "R-Rabbit" or "Q-Tip," we're not sure) wearing a G30 clubhead attached to a gold chain around his neck.

We're not advising these guys to quit their day jobs just yet, but a 2016 Grammy nomination isn't out of the question.