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Golf Books: Finding a putter that fits you

June 22, 2011

There are any number of books on putting, but here's one on putter fitting, called "Putter Perfection: The Groundbreaking Guide to Finding the Right Fit for Your Game."

It was written by Sean Weir, founder and editor of "Most recreational a putter right off the retail rack and try to make it work," he writes. "They fit their strokes to their putters, rather than the other way around. in other words, they set themselves up for failure without even knowing it."


Golf Digest's senior equipment editor Mike Stachura addressed the issue in this article, headlined, "Why Your Putter Hates You: If you haven't been fit right, you're asking for trouble." His story notes that maybe one in four golfers users a putter that fits his stroke, "and that's mostly by luck," Tom Morton, director of the Player Performance Studio at Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop in Sacramento, Calif., said.

Weir has devoted an entire book (albeit a short one, 96 pages) to setting golfers on the right path. The heart of the book includes chapters on length, lie angle, loft, balance, alignment, weight, feel and grip.

Weir leaned on Pat O'Brien, putting instructor for Zach Johnson and Stewart Cink, among others, for his expertise to assist him in writing the book, which is available for $12.99 at

-- John Strege