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GIF: Tiger and Cheyenne Woods' golf swings, side-by-side

February 10, 2014

It can't be easy being the niece of the best golfer on the planet, but so far, 23-year-old Cheyenne Woods seems to be carving out a space for herself pretty well. On Sunday, she became the first Woods to win a tournament in 2014 when she won the Australian Ladies Masters on Sunday.

In any case, here's a GIF of both their swings side-by-side, both in full speed. You'll notice that Tiger gets to impact a fraction of a second before Cheyenne, and the reason for that is pretty simple: Tiger is bigger, stronger, and swings faster. One thing that's worth noticing is how similarly both Cheyenne and Tiger's lower bodies work through the ball. It acts as the motor for both Tiger and Cheyenne's golf swings, and is where each get the vast majority of their power.