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GIF: Lee Westwood hits a drive into outer space

Yes, Lee Westwood shot 68 on Friday at the British Open, and yes, the prospect of two Englishmen winning consecutive majors is exciting, but there's bigger news here. Teeing off on Muirfield's 470 par-4 18th hole, Westwood pulled 3-wood, and must have really gotten hold of it. The shot tracker followed Westwood's ball as it rocketed out of the top of the screen...and it never came down.

Related: Day 1 at the British Open, as told by GIFs  I guess it's possible the tracker just lost the ball -- his shot did end up in the first cut of rough, after all -- but on second thought, we're not so sure. Ordinarily, Westwood averages 6.4 seconds of hang time on his drives (the tour leader, Graham DeLaet, averages about 7 seconds), and 289 yards off the tee, putting him 88th on tour. But with a little adrenaline pumping, why isn't it possible that he could have hit one into orbit?

See for yourself: