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G/FORE just released a Masters-inspired shoe and glove

March 26, 2018

'Tis the season for Masters-inspired products, ranging everywhere from polos to headcovers, and G/FORE is kicking it off in style.

The Los Angeles-based company is offering its popular Gallivanter shoe and premium-leather glove with limited-edition pops of yellow and green.

gfore limited edition shoe.jpg

The men's limited-edition "Major Gallivanter" shoe ($225), which will be for sale starting on March 28, is made with the same waterproof leather featured in G/FORE's popular line of Gallivanters. Text on its sole says, "Not in your life," and "Hello, friends." It's waterproof and lightweight, and it has a buzzed-about foam cushion that's washable, anti-microbial and ridged for ultimate comfort.

gfore limited edition glove.jpg

And G/FORE's limited-edition "Major Glove" ($40), which is largely white with classy highlights of green and yellow, is made with premium AA Cabretta leather. The glove, too, will be sold online starting on March 28.