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Getting Outdriven By All Of Your Buddies? We've Got The Fix

June 14, 2016

If you feel like you could be getting more distance out of your driver, there's a good chance you're not launching the ball high enough.

Butch Harmon told us that improving your stance at address can help you achieve correct ball flight, and optimize your driving distance.

butch driver.jpg

Three things to look at:

Stance Width

“I see so many amateurs who stand too narrow. They set their feet about as wide as their hips, head in line with the ball, shoulders level. That’s not a stable position, and usually sends the ball short and right,” says Harmon.

Right Foot Position

Instead of having your left and right foot lined up, Harmon says take your normal stance, and drop your right foot back a few inches (for right-handed golfers). Your head will naturally move back a little.

Spine Tilt

With your feet squared up to each other, there’s no tilt to your spine. With your right foot back a little, your spine tilts away from the target, and your right shoulder will drop down.

From this powerful position, Harmon says you’ll hit the ball slightly on the upswing. This is ideal, because it’ll immediately give your tee balls higher trajectory and more carry distance.

For more driver tips, check out this video: