RBC Canadian Open

Hamilton Golf & Country Club


Get your game prepped for the season with our 10-day, at-home program


Wouldn’t it be great to get into mid-season form faster this year, without wasting weeks or months trying to organize your game? Now you can, with Golf Digest’s 10-Day Tune-Up, a series of free video lessons from two of our top instructors: swing coach Travis Fulton and fitness trainer Kaitlyn Pimentel. Get an email a day for 10 days with indispensable tips on how to start your season right.

This step-by-step video curriculum works because it’s progressive. Think about how you would train for a marathon. You wouldn’t simply run 26 miles a day or two before the race. You’d start small and increase your running over time to get your body ready. Golf is similar. Unrealistic expectations and reckless shortcuts lead to frustration and sometimes even injury.

That’s why we developed this game-prep program: to provide you with an improvement plan you can execute deliberately, safely and on your own time. You’ll alternate between exercises that train your key golf muscles and swing instruction designed to boost your consistency, touch and power. Every lesson builds on the one before, but you can use them however you see fit. Want to spend a week doing just a couple exercises? Sure. Want to really nail down your chipping game? That works, too.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get. On Day 1, Kaitlyn’s core exercise focuses on mobility and alleviating low-back pain. With a fitness email every other day, you’ll work up to her stability moves that help create a strong base and rotational exercises for a bigger turn. By the end of the program, you’ll be working on activating your lower body to put more thrust and speed into your tee shots.

On the swing-instruction days, Travis will help you build out your skills in sequential order. It all starts with the proper grip and setup fundamentals, then moves into the shortest swings—chips and pitches. Piece by piece, Travis will get you swinging full and blending your club movement and body action for reliable impact every time. And no program would be complete without some power tips for driving. Travis’ won’t disappoint.

So join us this spring—registration is now open here—and jump-start your game with Golf Digest’s 10-Day Tune-Up. Real, professional advice at no charge and delivered to you every day.