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Get this tricked-out, made-to-order $35k TaylorMade golf cart

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Kith for TaylorMade

You’re late. As always. Gotta run out the door and make your tee time. Keys, check. Clubs, check. Glove, check. Door locked, check. Customized golf cart that makes your friends blush, check.

This could be you with one little $1,500 purchase—well, $35k final payment, but who’s counting?—if you want to embarrass everyone else at whatever course you’re playing this week. The following is a must-have at this point and already a hit online.

Kith, TaylorMade, Garia and Jimmy Fallon are working together on this sleek and beautiful golf cart for the ages that can come with … ahem: A bluetooth stereo system with Subwoofer, an automatically engaged electromagnetic parking brake, custom Kith branding on the seats and dashboard, a refrigerator integrated into dashboard, a golf ball and tee holder mounted on the dashboard, ECO and SPORT drive-mode, artificial leather seats, LED head and tail lamps, a max speed of 25 mph, a USB outlet in the dashboard and (of course) four wheels.

That’s a hell of a lot of options and pluses, and we didn’t even say in all caps that YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN GOLF CART. It's all built-to-order with a 16-week lead time. You could be driving around in your own cart this golf season!

You might not own the most beautiful swing, but you’ll own the most beautiful ride. That’s better than any handicap or score. Once your foursome leaves the course, they’ll only have their memories. You’ll have state-of-the-art cup holders with rubber grip inserts.