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Get ready to be able to see your golf swing from any conceivable angle

January 23, 2015

The search for the perfect swing may be a never ending journey, but the science of motion capture analysis tools is at least providing a road map. One of the latest is 4D Motion, which uses up seven sensors about the size of the Velcro closure in your glove attached to your hips, arm, wrist, chest, legs and club shaft to track the movement of both the club and your body as you swing.


Set to be available in May and initially aimed at instructors, the 4D Motion uses the sensors to create a full-body, three-dimensional biomechanical model of every swing. It tracks everything from swing path and hip rotation to face angle and clubhead speed. Using a tablet, phone or computer, you can view the swing from nearly any conceivable angle, including from above.

"As a golfer, I always felt that I could never see yourself making a swing," says founder and CEO Sang Kim. "With this you can see everything your body is doing, not just the club. Another thing this can do is because it's so portable, you can use it on the course. So you can see how your swing changes for instance when there are trees right and water left."

Then again, maybe nobody wants to see that.