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Georgia high school football team attempts 'the worm' to trick opponent

Football is one of the hardest sports to execute a successful trick play in. It requires near perfection from all 11 players on the field, plus some help from an unsuspecting defense.

In the YouTube age, it's becoming even more difficult. Once one goes viral, like the "Ugly Kardashian" did, then everybody's on to it. You can't simply forward an email to another coach that says "hey your team should try this play!" It's too late, everybody has already seen it.

That means you have to get ultra-creative and come up with something unique. For this Georgia high school team, that meant breaking out 'the worm'. That's right... the worm.

In a later tweet, Frank Sulkowski reported that the hilarious dance move was actually an attempt to get a delay of game. Quite the complex scheme to buy your punt team an extra five yards.

Glynn Academy ultimately lost to Benedictine 33-8, but at least they won the viral war.