PGA Championship

Valhalla Golf Club


How to play to an elevated green

Few golfers enjoy playing to elevated greens. The flag is hidden, judging distance is difficult, and players are goaded into trying to hit the ball higher than they normally do. The key is to know that this is a yellow-light shot that requires caution, not a green-light shot that you attack aggressively.

Take at least one extra club, and don't try to hit the ball high by positioning it forward in your stance. This is especially dangerous when the flagstick is up front. Don't try to hook the ball, either, because a draw goes lower than a fade, and you'll go over the green. Just make your normal swing, and try to get the ball on the green, as opposed to hitting it stiff. When you climb the hill to see where the heck your ball wound up,accept the outcome and move on. Par is always a good score.