GD Tested: A mistake many golfers make when it comes to their putters

January 29, 2019


Despite all the diagnostic tools available in clubfitting today, the most effective might be the simplest: a yardstick to measure the proper length for your putter.

Exclusive research by national fitting chain and Golf Digest 100 Best Clubfitter Club Champion revealed that most golfers don’t fit into the standard-length putter of 35 inches. The Club Champion study of recent putter fittings revealed that only 33 percent of golfers ended up being custom-fit to a 35-inch putter, meaning nearly seven out of 10 golfers didn’t end up as standard.

Though most players were within half an inch of standard (45 percent were 34 1⁄2 to 35 1⁄2 inches), nearly as many—44 percent—required a putter 34 inches or less. It’s documented that we’re getting taller as a species, but only 11 percent of golfers ended up with putters 36 inches or longer.

Remember: A nontraditional-length putter might require a headweight adjustment, too. Shorter lengths generally need heavier heads, and vice versa.

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