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GB&I's Edwards back in U.S. after visiting ailing father

September 06, 2013

__By Ryan Herrington

SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y.—__The love Great Britain & Ireland captain Nigel Edwards has for the Walker Cup is great—having played in the match four times and led the winning GB&I side in 2011. But with his father ailing in a hospital in Cardiff, Wales, Edwards returned home Tuesday from National GL of America, resolved to skip the matches if need be to be by his side.

Only after getting assurances from his father's physicians that he had made improvements after suffering from kidney issues did Edwards decide it was OK to return to U.S., rejoining his GB&I squad on Thursday.

"He's stable," Edwards said of his father's status Friday afternoon. "Hopefully he's on the mend. He's in a tough place, but he wanted us to come out here and be part of the Walker Cup and let's go forward."

Jonathan Plaxton, chairman of the GB&I selection committee, minded the team in Edwards' absence and would have done so if he remained home.

Edwards received plenty of emotional support from his players upon his return.

"He's part of the team," said British Amateur champion Garrick Porteous. "He's got so much motivation that [he] brings to the team. He's got so much knowledge of playing in previous Walker Cups. It wouldn't be the same without him."