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Gary Player thinks modern tour pros have it made, proves it with measly endorsement check

May 26, 2016

"You kids don't know how good you have it!" Such is a common sentiment expressed by an older generation, which often isn't also afraid to add a little embellishment. "We used to walk FIVE miles to school each day! Each way! In the snow!"

Gary Player, 80, may come across that way in a Thursday morning tweet, but there's no embellishing when he shows just how small some of the endorsement checks he used to cash were. Here's the proof:

Sorry, Gary. You missed out on the Tiger Woods boom. In fact, your career PGA Tour earnings ($1.8 million) is less than what Jason Day took home for winning the Players. Rough.

For reference, 100 pounds currently works out to $147. Probably not flying private to Baker's Bay on that kind of scratch.