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Gary Player sounds off on Tiger Woods' "lessons" and sleep deprivation

Gary Player says none of Tiger Woods’ golf game issues are physical, but instead are the result of too many lessons and too little sleep.

Appearing as a guest on Colin Cowherd’s Fox Sports 1 show, Player said Woods was “on his way to being the greatest player the world had ever seen” until he started retooling his swing with too many “lessons,” all while struggling with sleep.

“As he said to me at Augusta, ‘I’m confused.’ He said to me, ‘I have sleep deprivation. I only sleep three hours a night.’ So these things have a lot to do with it. Nothing to do with his body.”

Player evidently learned this after speaking to Woods during the 2015 Masters Champions Dinner.

“If he never had a lesson after he’d won the U.S. Open by 15 shots, Player told Cowherd, “I believe he’d have won 22 majors. Twenty two!”

Woods has said he will attend this year’s Champions Dinner. Here’s guessing he’ll be avoiding Gary Player!