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Gary Player shares old spring break photo with Jack Nicklaus, asks for invite to #SB2K17

April 26, 2016

At 27, Rickie Fowler was by far the oldest member of the group of PGA Tour stars who took a spring break trip to Baker's Bay that they dubbed #SB2K16. But next year, the gang's average age could go up. Way, WAY up.

Eighty-year-old Gary Player has let it be known that he'd like to be included in 2017's festivities. And the nine-time major champ proved that golf's legends used to go on spring break also.

Not sure if Gary and Jack got up to quite the same fun shenanigans these young whippersnappers did, but it's good to see they liked to cut loose -- even if Snapchat wasn't created until five decades later.

Again, Player is 80. For comparison, Fowler, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Smylie Kaufman are a combined 95.

But something tells us GP could still hang with the #SB2K16 crew. At the very least, we know he'd have no problem playing shirtless golf.