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Garmin announces newest watch: The Approach S60

June 07, 2017

Garmin has announced its newest golf watch, the Garmin Approach S60. There are a lot of features to cover here, let’s start with shot tracking. The watch automatically tracks your shots and keeps your score. It stores your scores, so you can compare rounds, stats and how far you hit each club in different rounds. The screen displays a color map of the hole you’re playing and shows you front-middle-back distances to the green. The screen is a touchscreen, allowing you to touch what you want yardages to. If you’re trying to lay up, tap where you want to land. If you’re trying to avoid that tree up on the left side of the fairway, tap to see how far away it is. The Approach S60 also calculates elevation, so it factors that in to determine what yardage the shot will actually play.

This watch also tracks your tempo, comparing the upswing to the downswing. The watch works off of a 3:1 ratio of backswing to through-swing, and it’ll vibrate to alert you of the correct timing. The watch is compatible with the Garmin Golf app, which allows you to compete with anyone else using the app, on any of the over 40,000 courses in Garmin’s database. So no matter where your friends are playing, you can play a match against them.

And those are just the golf features. It also functions as a lifestyle watch. It’ll track your steps, sleep, calories burned, it alerts you if you’ve been too sedentary during the day, and you can get notifications of any calls, texts or emails coming in to your phone. The wristbands for this watch are interchangeable. There are 11 colors to choose from, available in leather, stainless steel and silicone. The Approach S60 will be available in June, starting at $400. For more, click here.