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Garia and its 'ultimate European luxury golf car'

March 28, 2011

An attempt "to produce, without compromise, the best golf car in the world" would seem unlikely to emanate from Denmark and Finland, not that those country's don't have their own golf heritages. Denmark has Thomas Bjorn, Finland Minea Blomqvist, which does, however, help make the case that when one thinks of their countries, they don't think of golf.

Yet a Danish company, Garia, set out to build "the best golf car in the world" and used an automotive factory in Finland to manufacture its attempt.

The result was the Garia, what it calls "the ultimate European luxury golf car." Whether it attained its goal is out of our realm of expertise, but the Garia did receive an honorable mention in the prestigious Red Dot Design Award competition.


Its one noticeable improvement over traditional golf carts is the angle at which the golf bags are held, allowing easier access to clubs (though not to the golf bag's pockets).

Then there's this optional upgrade: A refrigerator built into the dashboard.

-- John Strege