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GangGreenGolf apparel: 'Don't be afraid. It's only pink'

July 31, 2013

Anything, apparently, goes in golf fashion these days, to wit the octopus-pattern pants Billy Horschel wore at the U.S. Open, Rickie Fowler's colorful wardrobe and Loudmouth Golf's wild array of colors and patterns.


The newest player is a Toronto-based company called GangGreenGolf, started by Don Lang, an avid golfer and clothes horse who "couldn't buy the kind of clothes I wanted to wear on the course," he said. So he began to design his own.

"I have the sales and marketing background, I love golf and I'm a big fashion guy," he said. "I just decided to put all my passions together and try to create a line of pants and shorts that I want to wear, with the hope that there are enough like-minded guys out there that I could turn it into a viable venture."

The pants shown here are called Paisley Pink ($109.99 and available at the website), about which Lang's website says, "Don't be afraid. It's only pink."

"I tried to add a little humor to it," he said. "It's just a color. The same guys who wear pink golf shirts should be good wearing paisley pink pants."

Most of the material is sourced in the U.S. and the pants and shorts are manufactured in Toronto. They feature a European cut or "a little more contemporary lean fit, a little more of a slimmer fit," he said.

White pants have become more prevalent in tour golf, and they're often paired with colorful shirts. "I'm trying to flip that a little bit on its head and have the bold-colored pants instead of shirt and a more neutral colored shirt," he said.

As for the company name, the club at which Lang has been a member for 40 years, Summit Golf and Country Club outside Toronto, has an end-of-season tournament, the GangGreen Open. "So it's kind of a nod to my course," he said. "I liked the way the name rolled off the tongue and it has sort of a fun connotation to it."