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Game improvement: A sock you won't even realize you're wearing

May 22, 2014


No matter who you are, chances are you've got some gear in your game that could use an update. While we don't advise retooling everything at once, trading up a few staples at a time is the ticket to solid style. Each week we'll pull a dud from the dark depths of every man's collection and suggest a simple substitute. Check your nostalgia at the door -- it's time for your tune up.

I was late to the no-show game myself. I'd been wearing sneakers and loafers around the city with no socks for the last few summers, and when I finally added that slim cotton layer into my wardrobe I heard a chorus of gratitude ring out from everyone from my girlfriend to random guys in the locker room. My shoes and feet had developed an undeniable funk, and despite the popularization of the bare ankle look, my style was untenable.

That is, until I received as few of these as a gift:

J. Crew no-shows -- $10