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Game improvement: Seersucker shorts aren't just for prepsters

June 26, 2014


No matter who you are, chances are you've got some gear in your game that could use an update. While we don't advise retooling everything at once, trading up a few staples at a time is the ticket to solid style. Each week we'll pull a dud from the dark depths of every man's collection and suggest a simple substitute. Check your nostalgia at the door -- it's time for your tune up.

Seersucker, originally developed by the British Military in the 19th century and popularized in the U.S. by genteel gents trying to keep their cool during sweltering summers, is defined as any type of cloth woven into ridges in order to keep fabric off the skin. This 150-year-old puckered practice dissipates your body heat and increases air circulation. Whether you're a PGA Tour pro working the southern swing in long pants, or a member of the weekend warrior tour where shorts are well within the dress code, you will be hard pressed to find a fabric that stands up better to heat and humidity.

Some advice, however, to give the style a 2014 feel: try steering clear of the traditional alternating blue and white seersucker for more modern, tonal iterations that will freshen up the look.

Puma Lux Tonal Seersucker Shorts, $85