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Gambler believed he bet Shane Lowry at Pebble Beach, gloriously discovers his Lowry wager was at Royal Portrush

July 22, 2019
148th Open Championship - Day Three

Mike Ehrmann

By nature, gamblers are a cursed bunch. They're always getting shafted or screwed; after all, who could have foreseen that back-up point guard for Alabama with nine career threes hitting one from deep at the buzzer to cover the 14-point spread? Granted, why any misguided soul would be betting on SEC basketball is a question best left unanswered, but there's a reason "degenerate" is used ad nauseam to describe this bunch.

But there are tales of poor bastards' fortunes changing, spurring just enough hope the same providence is on the horizon for every beleaguered bettor. This is one of the incidents.

A dumb, fluky incident.

A man that goes by the Twitter handle "GarbageTimeKid"—clearly one who knows the SEC theoretical above all too well—tried to place a bet on Shane Lowry at this year's U.S. Open after listening to the advice of Action Network's Jason Sobel. Alas, the GarbageTimeKid was a bit negligent when pulling the trigger, backing Lowry at the next major, the Open Championship.

Which, hey, we get: "the Open" sounds like the U.S. Open. Portrush looks like Pebble Beach after a few cocktails. We are not here to cast aspersions.

Yet the gambling gods took pity on the GarbageTimeKid, awarding his carelessness to the tune of $1,000 thanks to Lowry winning this weekend:

For the record, it should be noted Sobel made this prediction with Golf Digest's Alex Myers during the U.S. Open. Reached for comment, Myers—who is very familiar with the bad beat and might have lost his car due to a Lowry-at-Pebble wager—replied, "You're welcome, guy. (Sigh)."

Let this be hope for all those that lost some cash at the other majors this season: fingers-crossed, your "Rahm at the PGA" bet was actually a "Rahm at the BMW PGA" bet.