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Fuzzy on Augusta: "Now it's a cardio workout"

April 07, 2011

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- So there's Fuzzy Zoeller, the eternal kid, now 59 years old, standing under the big oak by the clubhouse. "Playing good," the 1979 Masters champion said. "Feeling good, too."

Then that Fuzzy wise-guy chuckle: "Feeling good 'cause I don't have to play here. They've made it too long for me."

Besides, all those hills, unnoticed when Zoeller won at age 27, have somehow grown not only longer and steeper but they're practically mountains now. "Hubert Green and I talked about that the other day," he said. "Now it's a cardio workout. Hey, me and Hubert -- we aren't into cardio, y'know."

There, in his green champions jacket, Zoeller took a drag off a cigarette and allowed himself the smile of the well satisfied.

-- Dave Kindred