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June 16, 2009

John Hawkins struck a nerve with his sympathetic story on Jim Furyk, accompanied by that wonderful cover. The Furyk fans came out of the wood work.



Dear Editor,>

I have to admit, when I received my June 15th edition of Golf World, I thought the cover (with Jim Furyk in the clown suit) was a joke especially after Tiger's performance at The Memorial. But the article about Furyk was excellent. Jim Furyk has always been one of my favorite players on tour and this article confirmed the reasons why. Well written John Hawkins.>


ris Hamman

Wichita, KS __


Dear Editor,>

Wow ... really great photo of a great guy....but...Jim Furyk is about the LAST person I would think of as a clown! >

I think Adam Scott or Anthony Kim or maybe Aaron Baddeley would be more apt based on their the current state of their games.>

Larry Morrison>

Arvada, CO


Here's my theory. Any guy who will sit for that kind of photo session and be willing to stick his neck--er, nose--out so that you golf fans can be entertained, can't be all bad. And as Fuzzy Zoeller said the other night, he's also a contender this week, funny swing or no.

--Bob Carney