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Fujikura ATMOS shaft brings three ball-flight options but one consistent feel in the hands

February 28, 2017

Focused on elite players, the Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec was designed to cater to the preference of better players to flight the ball lower. Still, ATMOS Tour Spec features three models that segment between a preferred higher flight, a mid flight and a lower flight.

What’s particularly interesting is how the Fujikura ATMOS was developed with a consistent feel in the butt section of the shaft, regardless of which of the three versions a player chooses. The flight is then controlled by the stiffness profile of the mid and tip sections.

Featuring Fujikura's trademark "tour spec white" background coloring, the ATMOS line comes in three different color patterns to distinguish the three different ball flights. The red is for the highest launch, the blue is for a middle flight and the black is for the lowest launch and features the lowest torque ratings in the ATMOS line. That makes it easier for player to understand the sometimes hard-to-decipher world of shaft performance. Of course, a qualified fitter is key to guiding you through any shaft-fitting process. The full line has a weight range of 67-85 grams. That’s slightly heavier than many typical stock shafts played by average golfers, which can be in the range of 40-70 grams.

“Working with tour pros every week we have learned what profiles they prefer and launch conditions they demand so it will be nice to have a new “go-to” shaft with three launch options,” said Pat McCoy, Fujikura tour representative.

Among the PGA Tour players who've switched recently to ATMOS are Gary Woodland (Black), Billy Horschel (Black), Derek Fathauer (Blue) and Ben An (Blue).

The Fujikura ATMOS will be available at Fujikuira dealers March 1 ($300).