Gear & EquipmentJanuary 22, 2014

Four ways Oakley made a 2.85 pound bag

By Keely Levins


__Oakley's focus when making bags is on how light they can possibly be. A lot of top of the line carry bags come in around four pounds, but Oakley's Factory Lite model is 2.85 pounds.

Here's a run down of four places they shed weight on their $199 bag:

  1. The stand: they took the light, strong carbon fiber they use in their sunglasses and used it to make stands for their bags. [#image: /photos/55ad77e8add713143b428625]|||oakley bag.jpg|||

  2. The body of the bag, so the majority of the material covering the frame, is made from rip stock nylon - the same material mountain climbers' tents are made out of.

  3. The straps are partially made of EVA rubber, what you're find in the soles of a lot of shoes, and coincidentally in the grip of the new Bridgestone putter.

  4. The side body pocket: The pocket doesn't extend all the way down the side of your bag, but instead it starts at the top and stops about half way down. It's just big enough to fit your rain suit. The pocket is made out of mesh, with the idea being that if you're putting your wet rain suit in the pocket, the mesh will give the suit a chance to dry. The only problem with this is if you're carrying something other than a rain suit in that pocket, and it starts raining. The mesh isn't going to do you any favors if you have something in there that doesn't like water.

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