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Former Packers coach Mike McCarthy really, really hates referees, high school basketball referees included

February 28, 2019
Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings

Adam Bettcher

To the surprise of many, ex-Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy did not get any of the open head coaching jobs this off-season. Many had him pegged as the new Cleveland Browns coach before the season even ended, then New York Jets fans got all riled up for McCarthy to come lead gang green. Rumors were that he wanted to slide into a franchise who had a good quarterback situation for the future, and both the Jets and Browns fit that mold. Both teams ended up going in a different direction.

That leaves McCarthy in coaching limbo, as he'll now likely take a year off before trying to get back into the mix next season, which seems like a foregone conclusion. For now, he's got to ... gulp ... find things to do. Take a football guy like McCarthy out of the only life he's known since 1987 and he's bound to go stir-crazy. That's why it's not that surprising to see him berating high school basketball referees during his free time.

Wait, what?

That's right, McCarthy was caught on video at his stepson's hoops games following officials into the tunnel/high school hallway with the weird checkerboard flooring. Funemployment appears to be going well.

The incident occurred at Pulaski High School in Wisconsin on Tuesday, and it was first reported by Fox 11, who also confirmed that a formal complaint has been submitted to the WIAA. McCarthy's stepson's team ended up losing the game by a point, which ended their season, explaining why the former coach wouldn't go quietly into the night. What he said to the officials is unclear, but thanks to Fox 11's Zapruder-like film, it's clear McCarthy was really giving them the business. Seems par for the course for him:

Guy hates all referees equally. Gotta respect it.