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Foresight's GCQuad launch monitor expands to four cameras, wider view, "20 times the information"

January 09, 2017
GCQuad_Isometric _white.jpg

Foresight Sports, the company behind the compact GC2 launch monitor first introduced in 2010, is ready to debut its next big thing, the GCQuad.

The new GCQuad reflects a complete redesign of the company’s optical sensor-driven launch monitor. Rather than employing two high-speed cameras as it does in both the standard GC2 and the GC2 with HMT (which measures clubhead as well as ball launch data), the GCQuad utilizes a four-camera system. The high-speed, high-resolution optical sensors make up what the company is calling “quadroscopic” technology.

Created completely in-house by the team of engineers at Foresight Sports, the new design's cameras are spread farther apart and use a kind of fish-eye lens that was invented by Foresight Sports. According to Foresight’s Rick Cuellar, the spacing creates “a broader field of vision” and “greater angles” for the launch monitor. As a result, Cuellar says, the GCQuad “grabs” 20 times the information that the original GC2 did.

A main benefit is greater precision in determining key launch conditions like ballspeed, club speed, launch angle and spin rate, as well as more detailed analysis including rate of clubface rotation, impact location, and angle of attack.

Because of the GCQuad’s greater field of view, users can place the ball in an area that’s six times larger than what was available on the GC2.

Completely self-contained in a device that’s about the size of a shoebox, the GCQuad is framed in self-leveling, shock-mounted die-cast aluminum. Its four cameras track movement of the clubhead and ball in using a more advanced form of the spherical correlation analytics that were first developed for the GC2. Like the HMT, the GCQuad also tracks impact location on the clubface.

The new GCQuad will have its official unveiling at the PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 24-27 in Orlando.