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Fix a slice with this one move from the top

Frustrating is an understatement when you're losing shots to the right and can't figure out why. If you're looking for a solution that will quickly improve your contact and ball flight, try this simple move from Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Chad Middaugh, the director of instruction at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio.

For many golfers, a slice is the result of poor sequencing. In this case, Middaugh's student, a 12-handicapper named Shawn Kahl, gets too quick in his downswing. According to Middaugh, this causes the upper body and lower body to start down together, which throws the club on an out-to-in path through impact. That path usually pairs with an open clubface—and a slice.

The good news is, focusing on how to get your downswing started will keep the club on the correct inside path. It’s all about sequence.

"I call it a two-way move," Middaugh says. When done correctly, this motion initiates the downswing from the ground up as your shoulders and the club are still competing the backswing. This sequence helps the club drop into the downswing without moving to the outside.

To practice Middaugh's two-way move, follow the video and instruction below:

Take your setup and start the club back slowly. As you get near the top of your backswing—but before you actually get to the top!—shift your weight to your front foot. This will help your body start opening up toward the target. In effect, you’re starting the downswing with your lower body and allowing your upper body, arms and club to follow. Rehearse this move a few times, then increase your effort until you're swinging at about half-speed.

Check out the full lesson here.

Middaugh also suggests trying his Step Drill to ingrain your downswing motion and improve your sequencing even more.

Without a ball, start with your feet together and your club halfway back or just below hip height. Then, step forward with your front foot as you rotate your shoulders to finish the backswing. From there, make a normal downswing and follow-through. This motion might feel awkward at first but will start to become fluid. Ingrain it in your normal swing.

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