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Five golf-inspired Halloween costumes for 2016

October 20, 2016

There's pressure involved in selecting a Halloween costume. You want to be original and unique, but not so esoteric that no one recognizes your ensemble (rule of thumb: if you have to explain the wardrobe, you've failed). Many like to be edgy, yet you don't want to cross the line. It shouldn't involve a ton of work and effort, and -- most importantly -- your bank account shouldn't fall victim to your getup wishes. Keeping these parameters in mind, we've put together five golf-inspired Halloween costumes for 2016.

From paying homage to Jim Nantz to recognizing the latest developments of a certain 14-time major winner, our suggestions not only map out the attire needed for each masquerade, but also the requisite demeanor and disposition to make the costumes shine. Watch the video above, and feel free to send in your own Halloween costume ideas to share with our readers.