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Fitness Friday: The way you sit can hurt your golf swing

November 28, 2014

"Most people don't even realize they're doing it," says Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear (@ben_shear). "Desk jobs promote it. So does riding in a cart. Even practicing your putting for long periods causes it. The deck is stacked against you."

You need a posture reboot, Shear says, and he will show you how. "When you're in this C-posture for long periods, your back muscles are locked in an elongated position while the muscles on the front side of the body are locked in a short and tight position," he says. "You need to unlock them from these positions and then strengthen them when they're back to normal."

Watch this video to see Ben offer a three-pronged attack to improving your posture and, in turn, improving your golf swing.

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.