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Fitness Friday: The five-minute warm-up with Jordan Spieth's trainer

October 09, 2015

Golfers are notoriously bad at priming their muscles and other soft tissue for the rigors of the game, so many fitness experts have resorted to streamlining warm-up routines to at least give their clients a fighting chance at staving off injuries when they play. Count Jordan Spieth's trainer Damon Goddard among the few who have managed to put together a really efficient routine to help hit as many areas of the body in as short as time as possible. His routine combines multi-plane movements, cross-body muscle coordination, and even a touch of cardiovascular benefit if you do the program quickly. I tested it and did it in less than five minutes. It's also worth noting that this routine is a great prep for a standard workout. All you need is a club, a SuperFlex band, and a mini-band. Watch the video to see Damon demonstrate the moves.