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Fitness Friday: How to hit it flush with your driver

November 14, 2014

Even at golf's highest level, rarely is a player a great driver and a great iron player. It's either one or the other, because the body is required to do something different to flush a shot with each club, says Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear (@Ben_Shear).

Last Friday, Shear offered help for golfers who hit their driver fairly well but struggle with iron shots.If you recall, Shear says the problem is a lack of lateral movement in the swing. Bad drivers have another problem.

"They don't rotate very well," he says. "They tend to get out in front of the ball. The more golfers resist a lateral shift, hang back with their trunk, and just rotate toward the ball, the more they're going to be able to use their driver to sweep the ball off the tee -- a key for distance."

There's a way to train in the gym to resist the lunge, he says. Click on the video below to see two elastic-tubing exercises that will help you crush your driver.

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.