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Fitness Friday: A great yoga program for golfers

April 29, 2016
Katherine Roberts, yoga

The question comes up a handful of times every year. Is yoga a good exercise discipline for golfers? And to answer it one more time: Yes, provided it's not the only exercise you're doing. Strength-training, cardiovascular-training and tissue therapy (foam rolling or massage) should also be a part of your routine. That being said, you can improve balance, flexibility, proprioception and, to a lesser degree, strength by regularly doing yoga.

Yoga performance specialist Katherine Roberts, who works with golfers as well as major league baseball teams when they spring train in Arizona, has generously offered a short program if you'd like to start using yoga poses to improve your golf game. The first two videos are available below, and the remainder of the program will be unveiled next week.

Yoga For Golfers: Part 1: Three Planes of Motion
Katherine Roberts demonstrates yoga poses that will help you achieve a more effective and consistent golf swing.

Yoga For Golfers: Part 2: Increasing Stability & Power in Your Swing
Katherine Roberts demonstrates yoga poses that will help create more stability, strength and power in your golf swing.