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Finding the right shaft for your golf clubs

When manufacturers put generic shafts in drivers, they are trying to fit the “average swing.” What are the odds that will fit you?

Perhaps you should ask your 2.3 children. Point is, average might be close, but it’s unlikely to be spot on.

A custom shaft, recommended by a qualified clubfitter, is more apt to better suit your game. “Shafts should be fit to three key swing characteristics,” says Dana Upshaw of Dana Golf in Warner Robins, Ga. “Fit the flex to the clubhead speed at impact. Fit the shaft weight to the downswing tempo. Fit the bending profile to the wrist release point.”

Golf Shaft illustration.jpeg

Weight, Upshaw says, is also critical but not for the reason most believe.

“The theoretical longer/lighter/faster/farther combination is not the best for many golfers,” he says. “The quicker the golfer gets from the top of the backswing to impact, the heavier the shaft they need. I’ve done nothing more than increase the weight and made dramatic improvements in consistency and performance."