U.S. Open

Pinehurst Resort & Country Club (Course No. 2)

Final exam

By Brian Murphy Photos by Joey Terrill
June 23, 2008

Golf Digest / You've had only one PGA Tour player as a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Who was he?

(Answer: John Daly.)

Jimmy Kimmel / John Daly. He's a lot of fun. Left a trail of Diet Coke cans in his wake. It's amazing. When I was a kid, I imagined that golfers were, like, the Rockefellers. I never imagined playing golf, or being able to afford to. Then you see a guy like John Daly and you think: Maybe it is for everyone.

You were born in Brooklyn but grew up in Las Vegas. Who's the famous golf teacher and former Tiger Woods coach based in Vegas?

(A: Butch Harmon.)

JK / I know this one; it's Siegfried Fischbacker. [Told Harmon.] That's right, Butch Harmon Golf Schools. I've never taken a real lesson. I only play in charity events, which is especially humiliating, because whenever I play, there's a group of people watching me. That's not the way to learn. Carson Daly taught me how to play. I shouldn't blame it on him, though.

Which of the four men's major championships is broadcast on ABC?

(A: British Open.)

JK / Let's see. The Masters is on CBS. ABC has...uhh...I have no idea. You know what? The day I start watching golf on TV is the day I put the bullet through my head. [Laughs.]

We understand there's no shortage of televisions in your house. Among tour players, Chris DiMarco might be the king of home TVs. Who has more: you or DiMarco?

(A: Both have 17.)

JK / I can't imagine there's anyone outside of the guy who lives inside Best Buy who has more TVs in their house than me. I have 17. [Told DiMarco has 17.] He does? I like DiMarco already.

You were fired from radio stations in Seattle, Phoenix, Tucson and Tampa. How many times has Tiger Woods fired his caddie since he turned pro in late 1996?

(A: Once, firing Mike [Fluff] Cowan in 1999.)

JK / Once, right? He fired that guy with the mustache. Tiger might be the greatest non-team sport athlete who ever lived. But the more amazing achievement is that wife of his, who I understand is a twin. If there's ever been proof there's a God, that's it. Like, "If you need a spare..."

Your girlfriend, comedian and actress Sarah Silverman, has an oil painting of you that was done by a security guard. Which European Ryder Cup player also does oil paintings?

(A: Luke Donald.)

JK / Is it Sergio Mendes? I have no idea. Sarah isn't a golfer, and I'm not looking to turn her into one. She likes to play basketball and softball.

Which show gets higher ratings: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" or "Golf Talk Live" on the Golf Channel?

(A: "Jimmy Kimmel Live.")

JK / Let me just say this: I was on the Golf Channel set with Vince Cellini and George Lopez and Anthony Anderson. The four of us were on together, and I'm pretty sure there were more people on the Golf Channel than were watching the Golf Channel.