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Fifteen things to expect from Chambers Bay, per USGA mad scientist Mike Davis

June 17, 2015

Mike Davis, executive director of the USGA, is the man most responsible for the unique character of the U.S. Open. And by "unique," I mean "incredibly demanding." Every year, a certain number of players will complain about the difficult setup of the U.S. Open course, and Chambers Bay, with its sloped tee boxes and shifting par-4/5s and massive four-tiered greens, is no exception. Davis held his pre-tournament presser Wednesday, and we'll get to the main takeaways in a second, but I want to talk quickly about something I noticed -- his total composure. In the maelstrom of gripes levied by players and media, he kept his cool, deflected criticism, and seemed to have a logical answer for every question and every doubt.