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Ferrari, Cobra Puma Golf partner in developing new driver

June 06, 2012

The partnership of Ferrari and Cobra is not about fast cars (wrong Cobra), though it is about performance and speed. It is a new driver, the centerpiece of the new Ferrari Golf Collection in partnership with Cobra Puma Golf.

"We had an opportunity to work directly with Ferrari engineers," said Tom Preece, vice president of research and development at Cobra Puma Golf. "They had suggestions on material usuage and they thought they could improve the aerodynamics."

They started with the shape of Cobra's ZL Encore driver and began tweaking it. "The surfaces are much smoother," Preece said. "The front face has a different radius top and bottom. The trailing edge is lifted off the ground. Essentially that's helped optimize the aerodynamics to get a little more clubhead speed. It's a different construction. We used a lightweight titanium alloy for the body, brazing tungsten inside for weight optimization. It's slightly different materials and different surfaces."

The upside for Cobra products going forward is that the company can incorporate much of what it has learned through its association with Ferrari. "Absolutely," Preece said. "That's kind of the whole idea. We've got this partner we can work with, an extra resource to bounce ideas off of."

The Ferrari driver features a Fujikura Motore Speeder Shaft and premium leather grip. It will retaiil for $2,000, which would explain the small quantities available. Then again, it's a Ferrari. Ever priced a Ferrari Enzo?

-- John Strege