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Trending: When metal heads and golf collide

August 02, 2012

We all know FedEx has been a big supporter of the PGA, offering up major dollars so we can enjoy important golf well past the PGA Championship. But as of late, they've upped the ante on the entertainment front as well with their line of commercials directed at those wishing to ship their golf clubs. There's a couple examples of men treating their clubs better than their own children that deserve watching, as do most on their highly-viewed YouTube channel (the golf ones -- I can't attest to the others), but it was their most recent ad featuring a fictional metal band that drew my attention.

In another life (or maybe a concurrent one), I've spent many an hour around actual metal heads, both of the playing (in bands) and listening (fans of bands) variety, and what the commercial accurately depicts is the contradiction between most hard rockers' outward appearances and their actual personas. I believe the term is akin to, "they're all a bunch of teddy bears." Of course, this is nothing new to the golf world. Alice Cooper has been taking golfers to school for years, and as The Daily Swarm points out, Iron Maiden are also known fans of the game. Same goes for members of the Deftones and Metallica, and I would venture to say countless others, both known and unknown, are down with golf. So to say this one hits close to home would be an understatement. That was until AdWeek had to go and ruin my childish glee with unwarranted business professionalism.

-- Derek Evers